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Carpet beetles are not just crawling in your garden they could have managed to sneak into your Lewisham home and be present in your dwelling most likely to be present in your carpet or clothes. The carpet beetle that commonly invades dwellings and determinants damage to carpets and apparel is the infamous dark carpet beetle.

Generally, this beetle tends to invade dwellings in the Lewisham area throughout Spring time and inhabits off woolen apparel, carpets and favourite aliment. Adult carpet beetles usually live outdoors on pollen and nectar, and thrive in situations where they are undisturbed, such as under carpets, bird and rodent nests and also animal remains.


Our trained technician for carpet beetle control in Lewisham is fully equipped to rid you of your infestation. We can treat the underside of carpets, window borders, pipes from top covering spaces and disused fireplaces, and other localities probable to be communicated by invading mature individual beetles with a residual insecticide. Patience is a must when it comes to treating carpet beetle as it takes a bit of time and will not produce an immediate result.

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