Due to the huge increase in demand for our pest control service, we have had to take on an additional 2 pest controllers to help cope with the huge increase in enquiries.

Pests are on the increase in lewisham due to several factors. One of which is the amount of fast food shops popping up daily, many of which do not dispose of their waste correctly. In fact many of these types of shops frequently try avoiding paste for waste disposal by keeping their waste inside the premises or in the service yard behind their shops.
This sort of activity provides an ample food supply for rats, mice, pigeons, cockroaches and even foxes.

Frequently these pests will invade homes near to the food supply. So living and breeding in homes and getting all the food they need from nearby sources.
While this is good for us, it is very bad for local residents. The local council does appear to be taking some action, however the action they are taking is not sufficient to have any significant impact on the pest infestations overrunning lewisham.

Another issue we see on a regular basis is the lack of respect some residents have for their local area. You will frequently find people eating various foods while walking down the high road, but instead of throughing their leftovers in the ample bins provided many choose to simply throw the waste on the ground next to the bins! Appalling !

The council should prosecute people found doing this sort of thing.

But in the mean time, we are here to provide the area with quality and affordable pest control solutions

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